Communication from the Headteacher

Newsletter, Friday 13/09/2019

Dear Parents,
This week, the pupils in Years 1 to 6 have been formally assessed by their teachers using standardised tests in English, mathematics, spelling, reading and reasoning. The information gathered through these assessments is important when teachers plan their lessons for this academic year. At BJAB we pride ourselves on knowing each child’s strengths and personality and we create individualised learning using a wide variety of criteria. I am confident you will see some impressive progress throughout the coming weeks and months which our regular written reports will document.
Ms Naslin is now on maternity leave and I am sure you all join me in wishing her well. She will be missed over the coming months but Miss Benitez, Mrs Mace and Ms De Maertelaere will be able to help you with any queries.
The range of clubs available at BJAB shows our commitment to offer a as broad an education as we can. A new club is now available on Thursday afternoons from 16.00-17.00. Mr. Seal’s chess club begins next week and is open to all pupils in Years 3-5, from absolute beginners to grand masters. We also have two new teachers of the violin and piano. Please contact Miss Benitez to register as the website registration is now closed.
Music at BJAB is having a boost and we are planning a musical soiree on Wednesday 23rd October in order to inspire budding talent. We would like a variety of musical styles and participation, so if you are a musician and would like to contribute, please do get in touch with me. Miss Caroline and I are hoping to sing in a small group and would welcome moral support!
There are still opportunities for parents to volunteer to be class representatives. We have spaces in RB, RS, 1W, 2S, 3R, and 5V. If you would like to put yourself forward please mention it to your class teacher.
Do enjoy the late summer weather this weekend.

Newsletter, Friday 06/09/2019

Dear Parents, 
The first week of the academic year has come to a conclusion and I am pleased to note the teachers and children are all enthusiastic and positive. (If a little tired and eagerly anticipating the weekend!) 
Last evening’s Meet the Teacher event was well-attended and the atmosphere typically warm. If you were unable to attend, you will find the teachers’ PowerPoint Presentations on the Parent Portal of the website. My speech will appear on Communication from the Headteacher. Do also take the opportunity to read the ISI Inspection Report: it’s an “excellent” read! 
I am pleased to see that the Year 6 pupils have been active in their special roles and responsibilities. As ICT monitor, Leo recorded me speaking last evening and the edited version should be available very soon. I was enormously proud of Irene and Ilaria yesterday afternoon as they interviewed the school’s catering company, TCO. Their request for ‘special’ meals, such as taco and vegetable kebabs, was well-received and I have no doubt that these young ladies will exercise their unique form of quality control this term! I am always impressed when BJAB children speak to adults with such confidence and mature turn of phrase. In Early Years, I’m pleased to see the children are settling into the school routines and are already delighting us all with their effervescence. 


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