Admission process and fees

Admission process

Pupils are eligible for admission to the British Junior Academy of Brussels into the Early Years Foundation Stage in the term in which they are three years old.

The Admission process begins with an interview with Mrs White, Headteacher, after which a place at the BJAB may be offered. When an interview in person is not possible, an interview may be held via telephone or Skype.

Following the interview, parents should submit a completed application form and, upon acceptance, the school then invoices parents according to the BJAB Schedule of Fees. The first invoice is for the Registration Fee (500€) and Deposit (500€) and a place is secured for a specific entry date upon payment. The Registration Fee and Deposit are non-refundable if a place is not taken up within the designated period. Invoices for School Fees follow.

Please find below our Admission Registration and Participation Policy

Please find below our application package as a PDF

Schedule of School Fees

The British Junior Academy of Brussels is a registered Charity and operational costs are supported solely by the income from fees. Tuition fees are set annually by the Board of Governors as part of the budget process. Aware that parents have long term budgetary planning for School Fees, the Board of Governors wishes to advise parents that annual increases have been in the order of 2%-8% in recent years. The BJAB fees remain exceptionally competitive in relation to the other school fees in Brussels.

Payment of fees
Fees are payable in advance either termly or for the entire school year according to the Schedule of Fees. In exceptional circumstances, arrangement may be made for monthly instalments. No student will be admitted or allowed to remain unless arrangements for the payment of fees are made. Pupils entering mid-way through a school year will receive an invoice before entry; payment is required within 2 weeks. Irrespective of any support that families may receive, it remains the parents’ responsibility to ensure that the school fees are paid according to the Schedule of Fees.

Please find below our Schedule of School Fees

Notice period

Withdrawal from the British Junior Academy of Brussels requires 3 months’ written notice. Accordingly, leaving at the end of the:

  • first term (December 31st), requires notice by September 30th;
  • second term (March 31st), requires notice by December 31st;
  • third term (June 30th), requires notice by March 31st.

In the absence of the above notice being received, 3 months fees will be payable.

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